Less Than 15 Days Until the Beginning of the Competition

The calendar marks less than two weeks until the return of the World University Championship Futsal to Minho for the third time. The University of Minho, in collaboration with the Students Union of the University of Minho (AAUMinho) and the Academic Federation of University Sports (FADU), is in charge of organizing this championship and is more than eager to make it real.

The competition will showcase the best of university futsal from around the world, having the Gualtar Sports Complex of the University of Minho and the Multiusos de Guimarães as the main stages, in the cities of Braga and Guimarães, respectively. The matches kick-off is scheduled for July 18th, but the event is set to begin the day before, on July 17th, with the presence of the sport’s delegations at the official opening ceremony.

Delegations from the numerous participating countries will parade from Arco da Porta Nova to Praça da República on the afternoon of the July 17th. The entire local community is invited to attend and engage in this culturally diverse festivity.

On June 18th, one month before the competition’s official start, the participating countries and the results of the group stage draw were announced. Initially, the sporting event featured 14 university teams divided into six groups, three for women and three for men.

However, two weeks prior to the competition’s commencement, the men’s team from Morocco and the women’s team from Saudi Arabia withdrew. 13 university teams from four different continents—America, Asia, Australia, and Europe—remain in the dispute for the title of World Champions, at the moment.

As a result, a week filled with competitive futsal at the highest level and lots of fair play is expected, with participants and fans coming from all over the globe.

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