Initial Training for Volunteers

Last Tuesday, July 05th, the initial training for volunteers of the World University Championship Futsal took place. The session was held in person at the Gualtar Campus of the University of Minho.

Duarte Lopes, President of the 2022 WUC Futsal Organizing Committee, stated that “the holding of a competition of the dimension of the World University Championship Futsal would be unthinkable without the tireless work of our volunteers”. At the same time that the volunteers “will have the responsibility of being ambassadors of our University, cities and country”, they will surely live “a unique and memorable experience in their lives”.

With the main objective of presenting essential functions and responsibilities for the proper functioning of the event, the training brought together volunteers from all areas of activity, “namely, the reception, accreditation and monitoring of teams throughout the world, participation in all the logistics of the games at the sports facilities, results management, medical support, photographic coverage and dissemination of the championship, food, and even support in some activities cultural and recreational activities of the event”, said Rita Fernandes, Vice President for Volunteering. In this way, the sporting event will have around 500 volunteers.

In addition, the main members of the organization of the event were presented and all the work that was developed over the six months prior to the competition was described. The most formal part of the presentation culminated in the disclosure of some facts about the event and how it will take place throughout the week, at the logistical level.

During the formation, it was remembered the places where the competition will take place – Campus de Gualtar of the University of Minho and the Multiusos de Guimarães – and where the training of the teams will take place – at the André Soares Basic School – in Braga. In turn, the accommodation of the university selections will take place at the University Residence Prof. Dr. Lloyd.

The opening and closing ceremonies were also subject throughout the training. While the opening ceremony will take place on July 17th, in the city of Braga, the closing ceremony will take place in Guimarães.

The initial training of volunteers also included “more relaxed moments that allowed the creation of team bonds, essential for the group to deal in the best way with any adversities that may arise in an event of this size”, explained Rita Fernandes. The “Team Building” activity was one of these initiatives, where it was possible for participants to know better with whom they will work.

Remember that the World University Championship Futsal will take place between the 18th and 24th of this month, in the cities of Braga and will bring together world promises of the modality.

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