Opening Ceremony marks the beginning of the World University Championship Futsal

The kick-off for the World University Championship Futsal will take place next Sunday, July 17th, with the Opening Ceremony of the sporting event. With Minho as the stage, the Opening Ceremony will take place in the city of Braga, the day before the start of the group stage matches.

At 6:30 pm, the thirteen delegations participating in the Championship will parade through the historic center of Braga, from Arco da Porta Nova to Praça da República. Leading and animating the route will be Bomboémia, a percussion group of the University of Minho.

Bruno Lemos, Vice-President of the Organizing Comittee for Image, Promotion, Media and Protocol, guarantees that “the Opening Cermony is one of the big moments of this WUC, which is where all the delegations meet each other and present themselves to the city. The ceremony begins with a parade for the historic streets of the city of Braga where a very fun multi-cultural environment is created, which attracts a lot of attention from the population and tourists”, Bruno Lemos adds.

The climax of the event will be in Praça da República, where each team will take the stage, with the respective constituents of the technical team and players. In the same place, will be present several of those responsible for the organization of the event.

Duarte Lopes, President of the Organizing Comittee of the World University Championship Futsal, André Reis, President of the Portuguese University Sports Federation, João Paulo Correia, Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, Luciano Cabral, Acting First Vice-President of International University Sports Federation (FISU) and Rui Vieira Castro, Rector of the University of Minho, are some of the personalities who will be present at the ceremony.

The moments of the athlete’s oath and the referee’s oath will also occur at the Opening Ceremony, where fair-play and impartiality will be promised, respectively, always complying with the rules in force. The event also holds several surprises, which will be visible, at first hand, for all those present.

Bruno Lemos affirms that “the ceremony is the first official public moment and is the calling card of an event that promises to be very competitive and highly disputed by all the teams present”.

In this way, the entire local and world community is invited to participate and attend the Opening Ceremony of the World University Championship Futsal. With the sunset as a background, this late afternoon guarantees to be multicultural and fun for all lovers of the sport.

We remind that this will be the initial whistle for a week full of matches with the biggest promises of futsal in the world, at the Gualtar Sports Complex of the University of Minho and at the Multiusos of Guimarães.

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