João Rodrigues e José Marques: Safety First

A tournament with this proportions needs to keep everyone safe. In that case, every day a team of firefighters and an ambulance are right outside the door ready to help if needed. João Rodrigues and José Marques are a team representing those brave men.

In your opinion, how important is safety on these kind of events?
João Rodrigues: “I think safety is essential nowadays. It’s necessary for all kinds of events, in this case a sports event, there’s always the possibility that someone gets hurt. We are here to prevent that and give assistance”.
José Marques: “Security is fundamental.”

Are you passionate about your area?
José Marques: “It’s that kind of profession that you learn to love. It wasn’t my childhood dream, but at this moment it is.”
João Rodrigues: “For me it’s already more of a family profession. My great-grandfather, grandfather, uncles, cousins worked in the area ​​and now it’s my turn. I hope to eventually leave the taste and desire for the descendants to follow the same steps. That would be really nice.”

Have you taken advantage of your presence on the field to watch the games? Are you futsal fans?
João Rodrigues: “Yes, yes, it has been very lively.”
José Marques: “I’m not exactly the greatest fan but I like to watch.”

Will you come to watch the games after work?
João Rodrigues: “Yes, of course.”
José Marques: “Yes. We are here to support our team, and if the team played again, we would come to watch. Of course, being here we need to have a neutral position, but we also have our favourites.”

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  1. It’s always good and pleasent to see such great professionals with this positive and professional attitude! Thanks for their exemple and helpfull social behaviour !

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