Elisabeth Mazivise: “The people are nice so I’ve got a family now”

Life is made of different experiences and challenges. Elisabeth came to a country where she didn’t know anyone to do volunteer work at the World University Championship Futsal 2022. And she wishes she could stay here.

Where are you from?
“I was born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa”.

How did you find out the event?
“My football manager sent me an email to inform me about some events and I applied for three other events and got rejected for two. I got selected for one in Italy and during the interview, they asked me if I minded coming to Portugal, she recommended me to futsal”.

Are you liking the experience and the country so far?
“Am I liking? I’m loving it! I love the people. The people are very nice and the places are very lovely. I wish I could stay here”.

Do you have friends here in Portugal? If not, did you already make friends in Portugal?
“I didn’t have friends, I didn’t have anybody. But, like I said, the people are nice so I’ve got a family now.”

Are you experiencing any difficulties in your work due to cultural differences?
“In terms of language, yes. But my friends help me and speak in english. In other ways, I’m learning stuff. They are teaching me the easiest things and I know how to say “obrigado” (thank you) and “bom dia (good morning)”. 

What advice would you give to future volunteers?
“I think they should just live in the moment. The chance that I got on coming here, is a chance that I got to learn things about different cultures and diversity and be independent. When they do get an opportunity, they should embrace it, learn as much as they can from other people. Just love the experience and do it with the best ability and smile”.

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