Final’s Eve: A day of big decisions

Today, July 23rd, was marked by the semi-finals. Once again, the matches occurred in Braga at UMinho’s Sports Complex and in Guimarães at Multiusos de Guimarães.

In the first match of the day, Ukraine met Czech Republic, in Braga in the women’s competition. The Czechs took the lead with two goals, at minutes 1’ and 5’. But Ukraine was able to achieve the draw at minutes 11’ and 12’ and kept up the impulse to break the tie and increase its lead at minutes 17’, 18’, 21’ and 25’. The game ended with a 6-2 score for the Ukrainian team.

In the second match of the women’s competition, Lebanon faced Germany, in Guimarães. Germany scored first at minute 9’ and again at minute 12’. Lebanon then reduced the German advantage in the second half, at minute 25’. The Germans recovered their advantage at minute 34’, winning with a score of 1-3. 

Once again in Guimarães, the men’s competition started with a game between New Zealand and Argentina. The first big moment of the game was when the Argentinians scored at minute 13’, followed by two goals by New Zealand at minutes 16’ and 19’. But the tie came, still in the first half, at minute 20’. New Zealand recovered its advantage at minute 24’, and tied the match at minute 30’, with a score of 3-3. The match ended in an Argentinian victory (5-4) in the penalty shootout.

Now in Braga, Brazil and Czech Republic, played to guarantee the first place in tomorrow’s final. The match was dominated by the Brazilian team, who won 8-0. With this result, Brazil won its place in the final, with goals at minutes 3’, 7’, 18’, 24’, 27’, 28’, 30’ and 33’.

On another game in the men’s competition, Slovakia faced Poland in Guimarães. The game started with a goal from Slovakia at minute 6’, and the tie came, still in the first half, at minute 11’. In the second half, Poland scored first at minute 32’ but Slovakia made a goal at minute 36’. Poland broke the tie at minute 38’ and scored again at minute 40’, making a victory by 2-4.

Back in Braga, after the men’s Brazilian team secured its place in the final, Portugal and Ukraine faced off to see who would join them. The Portuguese team scored first, at minute 1’, but the tie came in the form of an own goal, at minute 8’. Before the end of the first half, the Ukranians gained the lead at minute 13’. The Portuguese didn’t let this stop them and scored at minute 38′, sending the game to the penalty shootout, with a score of 2-2. The game ended with the Ukranians winning by 3-1. This way, Ukraine will play against Brazil in the final.

The final of the World University Championship Futsal 2022, is going to happen this Sunday, July 24th, in Multiusos de Guimarães.

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